Released Maps

Feel free to download any of the following files for your own projects, edits or even for learning inspiration.

If you use any aspect of these maps in your own please respect the sourcing and provide appropriate credits where ever posted.

Map Description Purpose VMF BSP
Frost Abandoned 2019 mapping competition entry. Deathmatch dm_frost.vmf
Soccer Arena Stand-Alone Soccer Arena with functional arena mechanics. Misc gm_soccerarena.vmf
Soccer Island The Soccer arena, except it's on an island. Misc gm_soccerisland_v1.vmf
Amsterville 4 Playing with the idea of remaking amsterville, didn't get very far. Roleplay rp_amsterville_v4.vmf
City18 v2 Playing with the idea of remaking city18 v1. Roleplay rp_c18_v2.vmf
City26 v3 A half way complete city26 remake, I lost interest in at one point. Roleplay rp_city26_v3.vmf
Festivity v1 Completed Dec. 2017, never released. Roleplay rp_festivity_v1.vmf rp_festivity_v1.bsp.bz2
Festivity v2 2-3 years WIP, replaced by ProjectC. Roleplay rp_festivity_v2.vmf
Freemancity v2 Freemancity remaster using the same concepts presented in Tissue's own unreleased fmcv2. Roleplay rp_freemancity_v2_final.vmf rp_fmc_pn_v2a.bsp.bz2
Freemancity v2 - Lightshow DEV Dev build of the fmcv2 club lights. Misc rp_freemancity_v2_lightshow_d.vmf
Freemancity v2 - Lightshow FULL Same as Dev build except it's placed in the club. Misc rp_freemancity_v2_lightshow_f.vmf
New Eden It was supposed to be a utopia... inspired by a trip I recently took that summer. Roleplay rp_neweden.vmf
Ocean City The 2020 Remake of a 2018 project. Roleplay rp_oc.vmf
Plaza19 Not the latest build, but the only vmf I have of my first ever solo rp map. (2015~) I only have the b8 bsp. Roleplay rp_plaza19_b9.vmf rp_plaza19_b8.bsp.bz2
Project C This map would've been Car & Standalone House oriented with Ice Fishing & Hockey. Roleplay rp_projectc.vmf
Something Park I just wanted to make something pretty. Misc rp_something_park.vmf
Uptown v4 The Original Uptown v4 Release, probably the best overall map I've made for hl2dm. Roleplay rp_uptown_v4.vmf rp_uptown_v4_b12.bsp.bz2
Uptown v4u 1 Year uptown update, unreleased. superseded by Uptown v5 shortly after. Roleplay rp_uptown_v4u.vmf
Uptown v5 The largest and final revision of uptown I've released. Roleplay rp_uptown_v5.vmf rp_uptown_v5.bsp.bz2
Uptown v6 Unreleased, unfinished and at this point forever abandoned. Roleplay rp_uptown_v6.vmf
Venice Apt Zoo All the apartments found n rp_venice. Easily pastable for use in other maps. Misc rp_venice_apt_zoo.vmf
Venice It's venice...(Pre-Boss) Roleplay rp_venice_b12b_fixed.vmf rp_venice_b18b.bsp.bz2